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Me on Mount Michener. Abraham Lake is below

Me on Mount Michener. Abraham Lake is below

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2017 Trip Reports
Meda Mountain Ascent - July 1
Abstract An exploration to the valley South of Mount Balinhard in the hopes of finding a scramble route up Mount Balinhard. We also ascended Meda Mountain on this trip. We got lot's of great beta and photos.
Distance: 26km   Height Gain: 1494m   Loss: 552m
Allstones Peak Ascent - June 12
Abstract Approached up BATUS Creek and ascended via West Ridge. Creek was swollen on return and required building many log crossings.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 1670m   Loss: 105m
Bushwhack/Scramble up Roche a Bosche - June 7
Abstract Biked up the Celestine Lake Trail then bushwhack and scramble up and down. Nice little scramble by Jasper.
Distance: 12km   Height Gain: 1175m   Loss: 216m
Elbe Peak Ascent - May 3
Abstract An early season scramble up a fun short peak in David Thompson Country.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 1151m   Loss: 117m
Early Spring Snowshoe up Waiparous Peak - March 25
Abstract Biking on icy ATV roads followed by snowshoeing up the Waiparous Creek. Snowshoeing up cool canyons. We scrambled up a nice easy peak with gorgeous views at the end.
Distance: 20km   Height Gain: 1241m   Loss: 85m

2016 Trip Reports
Apikuni Mountain Ascent - November 11
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1292m   Loss: 27m
Alnus Peak Attempt - September 23
Abstract A fall attempt of Alnus Peak approached via Fryatt Valley, Lick Creek and Divergence Creek Valleys.
Distance: 31km   Height Gain: 2600m   Loss: 849m
Park Mountain Ascent - September 16
Abstract Lovely fall scramble through larch country with amazing views.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1034m   Loss: 113m
Ascents of the Goodsirs - August 17
Abstract Very loose but successful trip.
Distance: 19km   Height Gain: 4089m   Loss: 935m
Blackface Mountain Ascent - April 30
Abstract A fun trip in the Cadomin area to bag the 3rd highest peak in the Nikanassin Range.
Distance: 17km   Height Gain: 1636m   Loss: 616m
Snowshoe/Hike to Welbourne Campground from Rock Lake (NBT) - April 2
Abstract Hiked from Rock Lake to Welbourne Campground on the North Boundary Trail in April. Lots of sections of trail required snowshoes.
Distance: 24km   Height Gain: 189m   Loss: 219m
Scouting Adventure from Cutoff Creek Staging Area - March 5
Abstract Fun Bike, hike n scramble trip to 40 Mile Creek Patrol Cabin area.
Distance: 26km   Height Gain: 1311m   Loss: 232m
February Ascent of Kistahorn - February 21
Abstract Crossed Abraham Lake. Hiked ATV trails. Lots of bushwhacking. Difficult notch half way up the peak.
Distance: 11km   Height Gain: 1100m   Loss: 91m

2015 Trip Reports
Half Day Hike up Black Rock Mountain - October 10
Abstract Rainy day in the mountains. Nice day on the edge of the mountains. Rainbows and blue sky. Almost drowned the Volvo on the way back fording the Ghost River.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 920m   Loss: 39m
Mount Oliver by Elysium Pass - September 26
Abstract A long 2 day outing to Elysium Pass in marginal weather. Lot's of beta for future trips to the area.
Distance: 26km   Height Gain: 2198m   Loss: 434m
Liked: 1 time   2 comments
Ascents of Mount Willis and Mount Stewart - September 11
Abstract Clear weather for a September ascent of 2 peaks in Whitegoat Wilderness with awesome views. We could see half of the 11000ers including Robson.
Distance: 27km   Height Gain: 2970m   Loss: 586m
Liked: 2 times  
Welsh Lakes Scramble Camp - July 6
Abstract Fun good weather ascents of peaks accessible from Welsh Lakes. Mount Alpha Centauri and Gwendoline Mountain were the main prizes of this trip.
Distance: 19km   Height Gain: 3389m   Loss: 1116m
Liked: 1 time  
Corona Ridge Ascent - June 28
Abstract 15 hour ascent of Corona Ridge. Pretty alpine lakes and waterfalls. Cool towers on Mount Murchison.
Distance: 13km   Height Gain: 1639m   Loss: 348m
Liked: 1 time  
Ascent of Mount Astley East Peak - June 7
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 1434m   Loss: 96m
Ascent of Old Baldy Mountain - April 19
Abstract After being repelled from Skogan Peak by an unusually high K-River crossing. We had a splendid time getting off route on Old Baldy Mountain.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1308m   Loss: 32m
Liked: 1 time  
Evangeline Peak Ascent - April 18
Abstract A nice short ascent with friends from Calgary.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 1022m   Loss: 18m
Eagle Ridge and Eagle Mountain - April 3
Abstract Tried to drive to Blackstone Gap but had to dig the truck out of the snow twice. Gave up and did Eagle Ridge and Eagle Mountain as a back up.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1127m   Loss: 180m

2014 Trip Reports
Snowshoe Ascent of Keystone Peak and Voussoir Peak - November 15
Abstract Great weather November ascent of Keystone Peak. Camped on the summit and got lots of Sunset/Sunrise photos.
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 922m   Loss: 76m
First Recorded Ascent of Mount Aztec - October 3
Abstract ACC Edmonton Section trip down the South Boundary Trail from Nigel Pass. We bagged a first ascent of Mount Aztec and took lots of good photos of other possibly Virgin Summits.
Distance: 38km   Height Gain: 2045m   Loss: 804m
Liked: 3 times  
Mount Abruzzi Ascent - September 13
Abstract Gorgeous really long walk up Mount Abruzzi.
Distance: 28km   Height Gain: 2049m   Loss: 246m
Liked: 1 time  
An Ascent of Smith Peak - August 31
Abstract Our last ascent in the Harrison area before heading back. We got fogged out on the summit. We could see the Harrison valley but all the summits were covered in clouds.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1341m   Loss: 18m
A nice plod up Mount Folk - August 31
Abstract The day after ascending Harrison it was nice to have a peak that is a walk up. Mount Folk has a nice view of the North face of Mount Harrison.
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1058m   Loss: 3m
Mount Harrison Ascent - August 30
Abstract Nice scramble of the furthest South 11000er of the Canadian Rockies.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1361m   Loss: 31m
A nice stroll up Mount Mckirdy - August 24
Abstract A nice hike/easy scramble up Mount Mckirdy in good weather. Mount Robson sticks out like a sore thumb to the North.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1395m   Loss: 322m
Gorgeous Scramble of Cinnamon Peak near Robson - August 23
Abstract Gorgeous views of Mount Robson and other peaks in the area. The scramble itself is difficult and exposed with a lot of elevaton gain.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1965m   Loss: 78m
Ascents of King George, Princess Mary and Prince George - August 8
Abstract Awesome gorgeous weather ascents of peaks in the Royal Group. Approach trail was miserable but not as bad as some approaches we have experienced.
Distance: 19km   Height Gain: 3421m   Loss: 730m
Eiffel Lake Hike - July 31
Abstract A nice hike to Eiffel Lake with Allison
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 441m   Loss: 59m
Bald Mountain and Copperstain Mountain - July 14
Abstract Easy peaks with incredible views of big mountains.
Distance: 18km   Height Gain: 1481m   Loss: 148m
Cirrus Mountain Snowshoe Ascent - May 31
Abstract Gorgeous June Snowshoe ascent of a beautiful mountain.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 1970m   Loss: 221m
First Recorded Ascent of Ghita Mountain - March 1
Abstract Epic long ascent of Ghita Mountain in Robson Provincial Park.
Distance: 12km   Height Gain: 1479m   Loss: 25m
Mount Balfour Ski Ascent - February 8
Distance: 21km   Height Gain: 2002m   Loss: 232m
Olpoca Peak Attempt - January 25
Abstract A winter attempt at a peak in Kananaskis with no beta. Awesome weather and views. Terrible sugary snow and tight trees made skiing slow and difficult.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 716m   Loss: 80m
Liked: 1 time   6 comments
Wiseman Peak Ski Ascent - January 24
Abstract A fun forested ascent of a peak with a kick ass view of the Rockies and the Selkirks. It is a great objective in high avalanche hazard.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 1433m   Loss: 41m

2013 Trip Reports
Otuskwan Peak Ascent - October 26
Abstract A fun late season ascent of a very rarely ascended peak South of the Yah-ha-tinda Ranch.
Distance: 12km   Height Gain: 1076m   Loss: 61m
Liked: 1 time  
Late Season Ascent of Mount Drummond - October 4
Abstract Very long slog to the summit of Mount Drummond and back over 2 days. Nice views on the summit but very windy and cold.
Distance: 28km   Height Gain: 2261m   Loss: 899m
Liked: 1 time  
Ascents of Catacombs Mountain and Fortress Mountain - September 13
Abstract Finally. Been meaning to bag Fortress for 8 years. Catacombs has also been on my list for awhile. Cool exploration trip with awesome views.
Distance: 46km   Height Gain: 3872m   Loss: 2071m
Ascent of Mount Willingdon, Crown, Tower and Devon Mountain - August 29
Abstract Fun ascent of 4 peaks in the beautiful Clearwater Valley. Rain and snow delayed our ascent of Willingdon by a day but it was worth it. Awesome views above the clouds on the summit of Willingdon. Good times.
Distance: 21km   Height Gain: 3009m   Loss: 809m
Liked: 1 time   1 comment
Recondite Peak Ascent - August 16
Abstract Long Wilderness Ascent. Lots of Creek and River Crossings. 40Km the first day. Marginal Weather. Good times.
Distance: 31km   Height Gain: 2220m   Loss: 957m
Liked: 2 times   2 comments
BC Road Trip 2013: Ancient Cedar Rainforest - August 7
Abstract A short but extremely worthwhile stop on the way to Prince George.
Distance: 2km   Height Gain: 144m   Loss: 101m
Liked: 1 time  
BC Road Trip 2013: McBride Peak Ascent - August 7
Abstract A fun hiking ascent that starts in the alpine.
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 449m   Loss: 19m
Eastpost Spire Ascent - July 28
Abstract Awesome Ascent of an not too technical spire in the Bugaboos. Sweet views.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1237m   Loss: 40m
Mount Nelson Ascent - July 27
Abstract Mount Nelson is a big scramble near Invermere. It weighs in at 1990m of elevation gain. It is a near 11000er and has awesome views of many 11000ers.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1961m
Victoria Cross Range Super Peakbagging Day Trip - June 23
Abstract A very long 23 hour adventure that ended with an ordeal in the forest near Jasper Townsite. We bagged Pyramid Mountain, Cairngorm, Mount Kerr and Mount Henry.
Distance: 37km   Height Gain: 3135m   Loss: 3241m
Liked: 1 time  
Rockypoint Ridge Ascent - June 16
Abstract Possibly the best viewpoint for the Bugaboos. You could see all of the Howser Towers, Bugaboo Spire and the Vowel Glacier. It is a fun hike as well. Lots of snow still in the forest.
Distance: 10km   Height Gain: 1383m   Loss: 77m
Mount Brewer Ascent - June 15
Abstract Awesome early season scramble in the Purcells. Lots of snow in the forest still.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1000m   Loss: 827m
Mount Swansea Ascent - June 15
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 776m   Loss: 13m
Mount Hamell Ascent - May 19
Abstract A gong show of a trail to the summit. We encountered at least 8 ATVs. Most people on the trail didn't even know what trail they were on. Someone even tried to drive his pickup truck up the trail. Not recommended until late October when no one will be driving their ATVs up the trail.
Distance: 10km   Height Gain: 1233m   Loss: 781m
Chetamon Mountain Attempt - May 18
Abstract A rarely ascended scramble in Jasper. The weather scared us down temporarily but we came right back up again to bag the false summit. Loss of Daylight time prevented Ben and myself from gaining the true summit.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1809m   Loss: 384m
Liked: 1 time  
Daybreak Peak Ascent - May 17
Abstract A long tiring ascent of a remote peak on the boundary between Jasper and Wilmore Wilderness.
Distance: 11km   Height Gain: 1005m   Loss: 59m
Liked: 1 time  
Snowshoe Ascent of Mount Wilson - April 22
Abstract A long ascending Wilson via the direct route. The summit ridge was icy and brutally windy.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1876m   Loss: 74m
Ascent of Big Bend Peak and Mount Saskatchewan Junior - April 21
Abstract A nice winter scramble in a wonderful and scenic area.
Distance: 10km   Height Gain: 1392m   Loss: 873m
Snowshoe Ascent of Lightning Ridge - February 22
Abstract A winter ascent of the highest peak in the Grande Cache area. A cold combined with bushwhacking, postholing and strong cold wind made for a lot of suffering on this trip.
Distance: 11km   Height Gain: 1541m   Loss: 169m
Mount Louie Winter Ascent - February 22
Abstract Short but interesting ascent of a foothill by Grande Cache.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 735m   Loss: 20m
Mount Fortune "Ski" Ascent - January 27
Abstract Skied up 1/3 of the mountain. Postholed up the rest. Very tiring.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 865m   Loss: 152m
January Ski up Mount Haffner - January 5
Abstract Awesome ski ascent with sweet views. Clouds in the valley looked really cool as well. Ski down was also a blast.
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1148m   Loss: 4m

2012 Trip Reports
Interesting Ascent of NWT Peak - October 13
Abstract Wet slippery canyoneering during the approach resulted in some wet boots. The scramble itself was very pleasant with great views of Northern David Thompson Country.
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 1458m   Loss: 53m
Liked: 1 time   4 comments
Storm Mountain Ascent - September 29
Abstract Much better than Mount Rae. No tourons. Very loose rock on the descent route. A nice short scramble.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1049m   Loss: 1045m
Liked: 1 time  
Mount Schaffer Ascent - September 29
Abstract Mount Schaffer is an awesome scramble with great rock and great views of the Lake O'Hara area.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 723m   Loss: 404m
Liked: 3 times   1 comment
Little Odaray Ascent - September 29
Abstract This was a very nice scramble by Lake O'Hara. Awesome views toward Lake O'Hara and South to the Goodsirs as well as West to the Selkirks.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 972m   Loss: 33m
Liked: 2 times  
Marginal Weater on Mount Rae - September 29
Abstract The weather came in on use just before the summit. We waited until the whiteout lifted to get some nice views.
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1022m   Loss: 4m
Mount Amery and Monchy Icefield Traverse - September 7
Abstract Best traverse ever!!! Cool icefield and big summits. Not for the faint of heart though. It involves a big river crossing and thick bushwhacking at the start. Moderate/Difficult scrambling with full packs to a very high camp.
Distance: 18km   Height Gain: 2389m   Loss: 530m
Liked: 5 times  
2 Day Ascent of Mount Fryatt - August 25
Abstract Lots of suffering for very sweet views of obscure Jasper peaks. Highly recommended.
Distance: 16km   Height Gain: 2161m   Loss: 292m
Liked: 3 times   2 comments
Boulder Hopping Spider Whacking Ascent of Mount Geraldine - August 19
Abstract A lot of distance involved in this scramble. A lot of the ascent involved hoping from boulder to boulder, some of which had big spiders and webs. Awesome view of Fryatt and Edith Cavell from the summit.
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 1467m   Loss: 21m
Liked: 1 time  
Hot Day on Mount Sarbach - August 18
Abstract An interesting scramble with a very loose crux section. Perfect location for a great view down 5 valleys.
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 1665m   Loss: 24m
Liked: 1 time   5 comments
An Awesome Adventure up Mount Trudeau - July 15
Abstract Ascended the East ridge, which was 5th class in places. We got lost following directions descending the standard route. We eventually found our way after 3 hours of wandering. Lots of fun rock, snow slopes and glissading. Tons of mosquitoes lower down. A superb mountain.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1423m   Loss: 767m
Liked: 1 time  
Bluebird Day on Mount Terry Fox - July 14
Abstract Started early to get good lighting on the Caribous and to avoid the heat of the day. We got great views at the top but the descent was a real slog in the heat. Lot of mosquitoes as well.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 1845m   Loss: 110m
Liked: 1 time  
Feeding Mosquitoes on Yellowhead Mountain Trail - July 8
Abstract Lots of Mosquitoes to feed. Not many views to be had. I would recommend ascending the nearby peak instead for views.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 879m   Loss: 23m
Liked: 1 time  
A hot days hike by Kinney Lake - July 7
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 257m   Loss: 94m
Liked: 1 time  
Exhausting 8 Peak Traverse in Waterton - July 2
Abstract Taking advantage of great weather and unusually calm wind for Waterton we decided to challenge ourselves to complete an 8 peak traverse from Newman Peak to Mount Anderson. Got back in the dark but if we had started at sunrise we probably would have gotten back before dark.
Distance: 39km   Height Gain: 3418m   Loss: 2925m
Liked: 1 time  
Chilling on top of Crowsnest Mountain - July 1
Abstract Waited until noon for the weather to clear. Went up and waited on the summit for a view hours for views of each mountain range to clear for photos.
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 1167m   Loss: 74m
Liked: 1 time  
A Nice Traverse of Barnaby Ridge and South Fork Mountain - June 30
Abstract A nice easy scramble with friends in the West Castle area. Celebrated Raff's 400th summit.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 1321m   Loss: 1072m
Liked: 1 time  
A nice stroll up the Cardinal Divide Ridge - May 27
Abstract This is nice easy ridge walk that pretty much anyone can enjoy.
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 215m   Loss: 18m
Liked: 1 time  
A Fantastic Quintet of Peaks in the Cadomin Area - May 26
Abstract I was looking for a new place to explore so I roped up some friends to head to the Cadomin area. We had awesome weather and spectacular views. We took the long way back which lengthened our trip to 16 hours.
Distance: 24km   Height Gain: 1923m   Loss: 1123m
Liked: 1 time   2 comments
A Very Long Scenic Ascent of Mount Jellicoe - May 6
Abstract A long day trip turned into a super long day trip. A spectacularly scenic and fun ski/boot ascent of Mount Jellicoe with great company.
Distance: 12km   Height Gain: 1388m   Loss: 195m
Yo-Yo Skiing from the Asulkan Cabin - April 14
Abstract Lots of snow and fun skiing up at the Asulkan Cabin. The weather was in and out the whole time. The day out it cleared up enough to see the mountains but the sky was still gray.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 902m   Loss: 4m
Traverse of the Six Pass Route - March 24
Abstract Awesome weather on a spectacular route. The six pass route has great views and great turns.
Distance: 47km   Height Gain: 1865m   Loss: 2014m
Ski Ascent to Kiwetinok Pass - March 17
Abstract Nice views and good times in the Little Yoho valley. I always have a great time skiing with Reinhold, Bernie and friends.
Distance: 25km   Height Gain: 1338m   Loss: 132m
January ski trip to Peyto Hut - January 28
Distance: 11km   Height Gain: 696m   Loss: 136m

2011 Trip Reports
Ambling up Ambler Mountain - October 23
Abstract Ambler Mountain is the easiest summit to hike to in the Grande Cache area. The biggest danger in this area is being shot by hunters. I was careful to make frequent bear and hunter calls. Nice mountain to hike in late fall.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 490m   Loss: 137m
Mount Stearn Ascent - October 22
Abstract Exploring a new area. Grande Cache is an excellent destination late in the season. Easy summits for people who would rather hike than climb to the top of a mountain. Brutally strong winds on the summits though.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1039m   Loss: 26m
Elliot Peak Ascent - October 8
Abstract Beautiful late season ascent of a super prominent peak in David Thompson Country. The ascent route up Elliot Peak is finally well described.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1553m   Loss: 21m
Tornado Mountain Bike and Scramble - September 25
Abstract A top 20 based on uniqueness of the summit view. Tornado Mountain is an awesome trip with interesting driving through various logging roads, a fun bike ride and a nice hike up to the pass followed by interesting scrambling.
Distance: 16km   Height Gain: 1722m   Loss: 243m
Liked: 1 time  
Resolute Mountain Ascent - September 24
Abstract Had an awesome day in David Thompson Country with Raff and Greg. Winds were pretty close to the strongest I have ever encountered in the Rockies. Great views of Mount Cline and the Whitegoat Peaks.
Distance: 11km   Height Gain: 1976m   Loss: 406m
Perfect Weather on Mount King Edward - September 3
Abstract We had an excellent ascent of Mount King Edward in great weather without a cloud in the sky. I had a lot of fun climbing and rappelling the technical parts of the mountain and I got lots of great photos. One of my best trips.
Distance: 22km   Height Gain: 2501m   Loss: 1089m
Liked: 2 times  
Camping at Cataract Pass - August 27
Abstract The initial plan was to ascend Mount Willis and get a good view of the surrounding area. Turned out to be a lot further than I anticipated. We ended up hanging near the pass instead. On the way out we ascended a small peak beside the pass that had a nice view.
Distance: 14km   Height Gain: 645m   Loss: 267m
Mount Forbes Death March - August 4
Abstract Forbes is an awesome mountain with an equally brutal approach up a long valley with a steep and painful ascent to basecamp. We summitted in a whiteout and my Achilles Tendon was killing me on the way out. Still an awesome trip overall. I will be back for my summit view.
Distance: 27km   Height Gain: 2436m   Loss: 302m
A nice plod up Mount Lawrence Grassi - July 31
Abstract Jim came by hoping to scramble up something with me the day after my epic long 16.5 hour ascent of Pilot Mountain and Mount Brett. We decided on Mount Lawrence Grassi. I managed to drag myself up the peak slowly despite my sore muscles.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1040m   Loss: 31m
Liked: 1 time  
Long day on Pilot and Brett - July 30
Abstract After losing my fitness over 2 months due to a broken collar bone, I decided to get back into the game hard so that I would be up to big ascents. What better way to exhaust myself than a 16.5 hour day with 2500m of gain.
Distance: 15km   Height Gain: 2310m   Loss: 824m
Buller Pass - July 16
Abstract My wife took me up to Buller Pass to help me get back into the swing of things 6 weeks after I broke my collar bone. I needed her to carry almost everything.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 694m   Loss: 4m
A Multiseason Ascent of Mount Glasgow - June 4
Abstract This ascent required both bicycles and snowshoes. We bailed on our plan to do the whole Glasgow-Cornwall-Outlaw-Banded traverse due to avalanche concerns. On the cycle back to the car I hit a huge rut in the road and managed to break my collar bone putting me outta commission for at least a month.
Distance: 23km   Height Gain: 1385m   Loss: 1385m
Liked: 1 time  
Scrambling up to Hummingbird Lookout - May 22
Abstract Lets go for an adventure. Where haven't I been that isn't snowbound? Hummingbird Creek sounds awesome. What should we ascend? I don't know any peaks in that area. Let's just pick something that looks good and hope for the best. We got the privilege of having someones dog keep us company during the ascent. Apparently Sasha follows random strangers around all the time.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 725m   Loss: 725m
Liked: 1 time  
Returning for East Stutfield - May 6
Abstract An awesome ascent of West and East Stutfield. The icefield was in whiteout conditions most of the time but made an exception for us once we were on the summits of West and East Stutfield. I am glad that our perseverance in the constant whiteout conditions paid off.
Distance: 23km   Height Gain: 1871m   Loss: 465m
Liked: 1 time  
Mount Hector: Lets go again. Lets go again - April 30
Abstract We tried to ascend Hector on Saturday but we ended up in a whiteout with cold winds and stinging snow. The forecast was better for Sunday so up we went again. This time we got it along with at least 5 other groups. Busy place this Mount Hector.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1560m
A Touring Adventure to the Petain Glacier - February 18
Abstract A wonderful 5 day ski tour in Kananaskis to the Petain Glacier via Aster Lake. We had clear skies the first 3 days with very cold nights. On the 3rd day we attempted Mount Nivelle but retreated due to sketchy terrain.
Distance: 19km   Height Gain: 1608m   Loss: 214m
Liked: 2 times  

2010 Trip Reports
Elbe Peak attempt in November - November 18
Abstract When introducing a friend to scrambling what is a good scramble to pick? If you choose one that is just hiking then they might think scrambling is boring. If you pick one that is more moderate or difficult technically then it probably has too much elevation gain and they likely wont be able to reach the fun scrambling before turning around. I found a really good peak that starts off right at the bottom of the ascent gully with difficult scrambling with little consequence should you fall.
Distance: 11km   Height Gain: 840m   Loss: 741m
Liked: 1 time  
Scrambling Adventures in Tonquin Valley - October 2
Abstract A marathon adventure in the Tonquin Valley that involved scrambling up 3 peaks one of which is more low fifth class climbing. Fantastic weather on the summit days and great scenery.
Distance: 39km   Height Gain: 2929m   Loss: 1472m
Liked: 2 times  
Fall stroll up to Smuts Pass - September 25
Abstract A beautiful late season hike up to a beautiful pass with lovely lakes. The wind was extremely strong and blew my glasses right off my face.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 517m   Loss: 6m
Whitecap Mountain Attempt in a Whiteout - September 11
Abstract Went scrambling with Kevin Barton to attempt a mountain high on my list for Jasper on the 12th. Difficult scrambling, thick wet bushwhacking through alders, constant whiteouts, boot to knee deep snow, sluffing and death gullies were all part of the adventure.
Distance: 16km   Height Gain: 1802m   Loss: 1765m
Liked: 1 time  
Finishing a Scramble List with a Bang - September 3
Abstract A beautiful ascent of Mount Carnarvon. On this trip Vern Dewit completed his last scramble in Alan Kane's Scramble Guide. Very enjoyable climb with wonderful company.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1733m
Liked: 1 time  
Mount Ball and Stanley Peak - August 14
Abstract A sunny weekend following a rainy week made me jump at the opportunity of joining Vern, So and Andrea on an ascent of Ball, Beatrice and Stanley. My lack of summer trips was really getting to me and I wanted a really good outing. This trip did not disappoint. Great weather and great company. What more could a guy ask for.
Distance: 16km   Height Gain: 2867m   Loss: 1454m
Liked: 2 times  
Mount Woolley, Diadem Peak and Mushroom Peak - July 17
Abstract A perfect weather ascent of mountains famous for their view. This report includes details about a new scramble route up Mushroom Peak.
Distance: 12km   Height Gain: 2849m   Loss: 20m
Liked: 2 times  
An Incredibly Long and Scenic Ascent of Mount Warren - June 27
Abstract Very long ascent from Swan Pass involving a total traverse of the Brazeau Icefield in one 19 hour day. Weather was marginal most of the time but we managed to get a view at the top.
Distance: 22km   Height Gain: 2218m   Loss: 396m
Liked: 1 time  
A Quick Hike up Ha Ling and Miners Peak on a Nice Day - June 13
Abstract Still had some energy after ascending Sparrowhawk so I decided to grab these 2 peaks to take full advantage of the awesome weather. I traveled without any gear so that I could get up and down and still drive back to Edmonton at a reasonable hour. I ate snow near the summits for water.
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 937m   Loss: 304m
Liked: 1 time  
Solo ascent of Sparrowhawk on a Perfect Day - June 13
Abstract Mount Sparrowhawk is beautiful easy scramble in the Smith Dorian area.. I had to go back for my camera since I forgot it but it was worth it. Lots of snow and awesome views.
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 1401m   Loss: 1054m
Early Season Ascent of Mount Romulus - June 12
Abstract Early day, early season scrambling with a bike approach. I wasn't used to cycling in the mountains. My ass hurt so much that I had to stuff my entire coat into my pants on the way out in order to sit on my seat. The mountain and views were awesome. Lots of snow still up high.
Distance: 14km   Height Gain: 1296m   Loss: 75m
Ski Ascent of Mount Rhondda South - May 27
Abstract Persistent weak layers in the snow pack scared us away from our primary objective of ascending Mount Collie. So we camped by Mount Rhondda and ascended it instead. A low cloud ceiling kept the view from being perfect but at least we could see something from the summit.
Distance: 12km   Height Gain: 1101m   Loss: 2m
Hawk Mountain Ascent - May 16
Abstract The snow was too warm for skiing near the icefield so we scrambled up Hawk Mountain instead. Amazing how early you can scramble this peak and not be turned back by too much snow. We found a few ticks on this adventure as well as someones tracks from the previous day.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1699m   Loss: 186m
Short hike to the Stutfield Glacier - May 15
Abstract Great hike to take a relative or coworker which avoids all the crowds. Only doable when the river is low enough to cross easily.
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 128m   Loss: 1m
Liked: 1 time  
Yet Another Ascent of Mount Ernest Ross. - May 15
Abstract Due to conditions we changed our objective from Mount Athabasca to the much easier Mount Ernest Ross in David Thompson Country. Very pretty with all the snow around.
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1090m   Loss: 19m
Liked: 1 time  
North Twin, West Stutfield and Mount Cromwell: A Peak Too Far - March 12
Abstract North Twin is the 3rd highest mountain in the rockies and the highest mountain entirely in Alberta. The mountain requires a long approach across the Columbia Icefield and is not technically difficult to ascend. We were able to ski all the way to the summit on this trip. On this trip we had ambitious plans to ascend North Twin, South Twin, West Twin and Twins Tower. Due to weather and difficult trail breaking we were not able to reach base camp until the 3rd day. On our summit day we ascended North Twin and after returning to base camp Maury and I decided to ascend the Stutfields, which turned out to be the most epic adventure to date for me.
Distance: 26km   Height Gain: 1952m   Loss: 238m
Liked: 1 time  
Ski Ascent to Presidents Pass - February 13
Abstract An attempted ski ascent of the President turned into an ascent to Presidents Pass. Whiteout conditions on the glacier plus a shooting crack that we saw as tried to make it around the final wall of ice to the pass put out any hopes of making the summit. We wouldn't have seen anything anyway due to whiteout conditions.
Distance: 26km   Height Gain: 1777m   Loss: 132m
Mount Michener via Frozen Abraham Lake - February 1
Abstract The most convenient way to reach Mount Michener is to walk across Abraham Lake. On this ascent we did just that and had great weather. We barely made the summit before dark. Crossing the lake on the way back was scary.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1111m   Loss: 43m

2009 Trip Reports
Traverse of Loop Ridge - September 19
Abstract A traverse of a long scenic ridge system that forms a natural loop returning you within 15 minutes of you starting location. On this traverse we ascended Mount Ernest Ross, Bridge Peak, Landslide Peak and Two O'Clock Ridge.
Distance: 21km   Height Gain: 2336m   Loss: 2288m
An Ascent of Bow Peak - September 13
Abstract A perfect day for a solo ascent of Bow Peak. Awesome views at the summit. The only thing that went wrong was a fridge sized boulder that moved half a meter down the slope when I stepped on it making me fall down and gash my knee.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 984m   Loss: 76m
A Perfect Day on Mount Noyes - September 12
Abstract My first trip as a trip leader with the Edmonton ACC could not have gone better. Great mountain, great company and great weather. Mount Noyes is a very scenic and pleasant moderate scramble on the East side of the Icefields Parkway just North of Bow Summit.
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1423m   Loss: 57m
Terrace Creek Scramble Camp 2 and Mount Saskatchewan Ascent - August 24
Abstract Third attempt of Mount Saskatchewan was successful. On this trip I again used a new shortcut approach route to Mount Saskatchewan that I thought up after my first attempt. On this trip I also had time to ascend a small scramble with an awesome view. I named the peak Mount Totally Awesome View.
Distance: 17km   Height Gain: 2602m   Loss: 448m
Smoky Ascent of Mount Chephren - August 22
Abstract A fun ascent of Mount Chephren. During the approach, I slid into Chephren Lake up to my waist on some loose rocks. This didn't stop me though. Too bad there was so much smoke in the air blocking the views. I blame the folks responsible for the controlled burns in David Thompson Country.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 1612m   Loss: 32m
Mount Bell via Taylor and O'Brien Lake - August 19
Abstract Mount Bell is an incredibly scenic scramble just South of Lake Louise. Being situated beside the continental divide you get great views of big peaks nearby. The 3 lakes you pass by on the approach are gorgeous. On this last ascent of my 3 days of solo peakbagging, I had awesome weather.
Distance: 10km   Height Gain: 1483m   Loss: 151m
A Walk up Mount Bourgeau - August 18
Distance: 10km   Height Gain: 1572m   Loss: 71m
A Long Day of Peakbagging in the Castle Mountain Area - August 17
Abstract Trying to bite off more than I can chew. I tried to bag Stuart Peak, TV Peak and Pulsatilla Mountain. Instead I ended up bagging Stuart Peak, TV Peak and Helena Ridge. Very nice day with awesome photos.
Distance: 26km   Height Gain: 2446m   Loss: 1184m
Terrace Creek Scramble Camp and Terrace Mountain Ascent - August 3
Abstract Foiled again. Another attempt at Mount Saskatchewan ruined by weather. Fortunately the weather broke the evening before our day out and I was able to bag Terrace Mountain as well as a 2 peak mountain called Mount Saskatchewan Junior
Distance: 36km   Height Gain: 2803m   Loss: 2322m
Liked: 1 time  
An Early Morning Ascent of Mount Coleman - July 30
Abstract I was Looking for something to do on my day off so I responded to a post from Vern Dewit looking for a scramble partner for that same day. We had a great time ascending Mount Coleman and got lots of cool photos.
Distance: 11km   Height Gain: 1735m   Loss: 361m
Abraham Mountain and the Endless Scree Gully of Pain - July 30
Abstract Painful endless sidehilling on blocky rocks up the ascent gully. Final traverse to summit is enjoyable but very extremely windy. I also attempted a route up Allstones Peak but was turned back due to the increasingly technical nature of the route.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1680m   Loss: 242m
3 Hour Scramble up Snowdomlet - July 29
Abstract I have enough time for something 3-4 hours long before sunset. I saw this peak and decided to give it a shot. Very awesome views for very little effort. The river crossing although easy is bitter cold.
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 709m
Hike Up Tangle Ridge - July 18
Abstract A nice scramble to take your friends or family members up who can hike easy to moderate trails.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1154m
Hike up to Burstall Pass - July 12
Abstract A typical hike up to Burstall Pass. I took photos and panoramas of the views that you can expect to see on the trail.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 466m   Loss: 18m
A Fun Scramble up Indian Ridge - July 5
Abstract A delightful ascent of an easy scramble in Jasper. Indian Ridge is one of the best scrambles for beginner scramblers. The entire ascent is in the alpine and the views are spectacular.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 896m   Loss: 768m
The Quest for the True Summit of Vision Quest Ridge - June 20
Abstract The real reason they call it Vision Quest Ridge is because after each false summit you see a vision of the true summit. When you get there you realize that it is another false summit.
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 1403m   Loss: 18m
The Wrong Way to Ascend Roche Bonhomme - June 19
Abstract Forgetting to bring instructions for the ascent, I decided to follow the first obvious trail I found. This led to an interesting and longer ascent.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1485m   Loss: 239m
A Solo Ascent of Gargoyle Mountain - June 18
Abstract An ascent of a rarely climbed mountain on the North West side of the Athabasca River Valley. No information was available, so I found my own way up.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1722m   Loss: 74m
Getting Lost on Esplanade Mountain - June 17
Abstract Lack of any trail beta for Esplanade Mountain, I was forced to find my own way. I took an alternate descent down due to rain that ended up being a lot more trouble than it was worth.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1233m   Loss: 1005m
Elbe Peak Reconnaissance - June 14
Abstract An entertaining day of difficult scrambling in a v-shaped gully with great company.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 584m   Loss: 30m
Beginner Trip Up Mount Ernest Ross - June 13
Abstract I fun beginner trip in David Thompson Country with the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club.
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1090m   Loss: 19m
Success on Mount Columbia - May 9
Abstract Approach day was a whiteout. Summit day was cloudy with great views. Return day was spectacular.
Distance: 21km   Height Gain: 2716m   Loss: 952m
Crowfoot Pass Ski Tour - April 26
Abstract After a long day on the Wapta most of us were looking for an easier second day out. So we opted for Crowfoot Pass. It was a wonderful day out with great weather and great skiing.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 468m   Loss: 471m
Midi Wapta Traverse - April 25
Abstract Bow Lake to Hector Lake via the Wapta Icefield. Great weather most of the time. Great skiing.
Distance: 37km   Height Gain: 1537m   Loss: 1663m
Honeymoon in Skoki - January 1
Abstract We got to enjoy our honeymoon at one of the best places in the world. Gorgeous scenery and wonderful people at Skoki Lodge.
Distance: 23km   Height Gain: 1023m   Loss: 519m

2008 Trip Reports
Fall Ascent of Utopia Mountain - September 20
Abstract A fun ascent. A lot of haze unfortunately.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1202m   Loss: 1m
Foggy Ascent of Cinquefoil Mountain - September 7
Abstract A nice scramble with my brother. Lots of fog. I still got plenty of nice pictures though.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1258m   Loss: 39m
Whirlpool Ridge Attempt - September 6
Abstract A foogy attempt of Whirlpool Ridge. The final slab ridge was too snowy to attempt so we turned around at the 2nd last summit. Nice scramble though.
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1238m   Loss: 10m
Og Lake Backpack - August 29
Abstract A nice backpack trip with my loved one. We failed to reach Lake Magog and turned around at Og Lake. It was a wonderful trip for both of us.
Distance: 26km   Height Gain: 992m   Loss: 3193m
Mount Woolley Ascent - August 23
Abstract A wonderful ascent. The award winning view was missed due to a whiteout on the summit. I came back 2 years later and got the view.
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 1811m   Loss: 20m
Scrambling Adventures from Caldron Lake Camp - August 2
Abstract Four days of heaven North of the Wapta Icefield. The top trip on my wish list finally accomplished. The plan was too hike in to Caldron Lake via the Caldron Lake Trail and ascend whatever we could ascend. The only gear we had with us were ice axes, crampons and helmets. This limited our options to scramble routes only. We were very successful in that we found scramble routes up 2 out of 3 of our objectives not too mention the many terrific views we enjoyed throughout the adventure.
Distance: 24km   Height Gain: 2637m   Loss: 1229m
Fitzwilliam Basin Backpack and Mount Wentworth Ascent - July 18
Abstract A fun exploration of a less travelled area of Mount Robson Provincial Park. Scrambling up Mount Wentworth was a very enjoyable highlight of the trip.
Distance: 15km   Height Gain: 1676m   Loss: 77m
Mount Lady Macdonald Ascent - June 30
Abstract An ascent of a popular peak in the Canmore area.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1300m   Loss: 56m
Accidental Ascent of Ship's Prow - June 15
Abstract I read the directions wrong for Lawrence Grassi and ended up ascending Ship's Prow instead. Pretty awesome summit.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 984m   Loss: 60m
A Hike up Grotto Mountain - June 14
Abstract A nice day for a hike up Grotto Mountain. More snow on the top of the mountain than usual.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1383m   Loss: 58m
Scrambling up Windy Point Ridge - June 1
Abstract A fun ascent of the first 3 peaks of Windy Point Ridge. Great views from start to finish.
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1222m   Loss: 114m
An Early Season Hike up Two O'Clock Ridge - May 31
Abstract Lots of snow on the final summit. Definitely the earliest I would try to hike up to the summit. It still looked very wintery on all the other nearby peaks.
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1448m   Loss: 63m
Abraham Mountain Attempt - April 28
Abstract I tried to ascend Abraham Mountain too early in the season. I was already tired after postholing the 2 previous days. The waist deep postholing for Abraham Mountain was too exhausting so I retreated.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1680m   Loss: 242m
Coliseum Mountain Attempt - April 27
Abstract Big mistake thinking I didn't need my snowshoes and leaving them behind. The waist deep postholing on the summit ridge proved too much for me and I had to retreat.
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 870m   Loss: 11m
Snowy Ascent of Mount Stelfox South Summit - April 26
Abstract April ascent with lots of snow in the forest. Awesome views on the summit. The forest was a little exhausting where I was breaking through the snow.
Distance: 10km   Height Gain: 1131m   Loss: 757m
Ayesha Peak Attempt - April 12
Distance: 15km   Height Gain: 1223m   Loss: 119m
Bonnet Icefield Attempt - March 21
Distance: 22km   Height Gain: 1794m   Loss: 704m
Maccarib Pass Ski Tour - March 15
Distance: 12km   Height Gain: 737m   Loss: 11m
Mosquito Creek to Molar Meadows - February 23
Abstract ACC Edmonton Section Winter in the Mountains Course. Stayed overnight in the meadows in a quincy.
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 455m   Loss: 32m
Sawmill Ski Trail - February 20
Abstract Sawmill is a pleasant intermediate ski trail beginning at the Chester Lake Trail parking lot and ending at the Sawmill parking lot. The trail is a bit rough and is not groomed. This was especially true when we were there since snowshoers had completely obliterated the ski track. A fun day out with some exhilarating downhills
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 309m   Loss: 384m
Kicking Horse X-Country Ski Trail - February 18
Abstract Kicking Horse Trail is a nice mostly flat ski trail that begins at a parking lot on the way to Emerald Lake. It heads South along the Kicking Horse River and the skiing ends at a bridge over the Otterhead River. Pretty destination for a relaxing day out
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 31m   Loss: 102m
Boom Lake X-Country Ski Trail - February 17
Abstract Boom Lake is a short fun intermediate ski destination near the Banff-Kootenay border. No avalanche hazard en route. Just a fun day out in the mountains
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 249m   Loss: 30m

2007 Trip Reports
Wilcox Peak Attempt - November 17
Abstract This is my second time climbing this peak. The first time was in summer in much better weather. But the joy of climbing peaks in winter is that they can be entirely different and thus offer a whole new experience. That was the case on this trip.
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 867m   Loss: 28m
Ascent of Rabbit Ears - September 30
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1050m
Mount Geraldine Attempt - September 29
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 1467m   Loss: 21m
September Trip into Peyto Hut - September 22
Distance: 11km   Height Gain: 696m   Loss: 136m
Mount Athabasca Attempt - September 8
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1495m   Loss: 63m
Mount Saskatchewan Attempt - September 1
Distance: 26km   Height Gain: 2153m   Loss: 551m
Glacier Lake Backpack - August 18
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 208m   Loss: 218m
Caldron Lake Hike - August 12
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 568m   Loss: 260m
Mount Weed Ascent - August 11
Abstract While climbing the nearby peaks became cloud generating machines and the sky soon became full of view blocking clouds. Far away peaks like Columbia and Forbes will not be on any of my photos from this trip unfortunately.
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 1316m
Mount Field Scramble - August 5
Abstract Mount Field is an easy short scramble with excellent views near the town of Field. Great to scout out nearby scrambles from the scramble guide
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1488m   Loss: 96m
1 comment
Mount Stephen Scramble - August 3
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1917m
Mount Richardson Scramble - July 28
Distance: 11km   Height Gain: 1475m   Loss: 86m
Redoubt Mountain Scramble - July 27
Abstract Redoubt Mountain is a pleasant scramble in the Skoki Area. It grants a superb view of the Lake Louise group as well as many other interesting peaks in the area.
Distance: 12km   Height Gain: 1338m   Loss: 129m
Roche Miette Scramble - July 22
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1286m   Loss: 10m
Sunwapta Peak North Glacier - July 21
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1742m
Dolomite Peak Scramble - July 8
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1028m   Loss: 34m
Mount Jimmy Simpson Scramble - July 7
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1012m   Loss: 4m
Southesk Pass Scramble Trip - June 28
Abstract 5 days of awesome scenery and peak bagging in a remote and seldom visited area of Jasper National Park.
Distance: 34km   Height Gain: 1845m   Loss: 1046m
First Time up Mount Ernest Ross - June 24
Abstract My first of 4 ascents so far of Mount Ernest Ross. Pretty fun mountain for minimal effort. A great Sunday objective if you are tired from Saturdays outing.
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1090m   Loss: 19m
Ex Coelis Ascents - June 23
Distance: 13km   Height Gain: 1701m   Loss: 1389m
Liked: 1 time   4 comments
Grizzly Peak Ascent - June 16
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 1057m
Morro Peak Ascent - May 6
Distance: 2km   Height Gain: 640m   Loss: 1m

2006 Trip Reports
Goat Creek X-Country Ski - December 31
Distance: 17km   Height Gain: 401m   Loss: 470m
Sawmill X-Country Boot Trip - December 30
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 309m   Loss: 384m
Grizzly Peak Ascent - September 24
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 1057m
Fairview Mountain Ascent - September 23
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1025m   Loss: 138m
Fortress Lake Backpack - September 1
Distance: 25km   Height Gain: 267m   Loss: 350m
Mount Gordon Summer Ascent - August 23
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 1051m   Loss: 1m
Mount Olive and St. Nicholas Peak Summer Ascent - August 21
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 759m   Loss: 93m
Bow Hut Approach in Summer - August 20
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 422m   Loss: 9m
Mount Arethusa Ascent - August 18
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 736m   Loss: 551m
The Fortress Ascent - August 12
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1161m   Loss: 69m
Mount Temple Ascent - August 5
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1642m   Loss: 1m
Beauty Lakes Scramble Camp - July 28
Distance: 13km   Height Gain: 2115m   Loss: 333m
Sunwapta Peak Scramble Ascent - July 22
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1754m
Paget Peak Ascent - July 16
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 1054m   Loss: 77m
Mount Niblock and Mount Whyte Scramble Ascent - July 15
Distance: 7km   Height Gain: 1549m   Loss: 182m
Mount Indefatigable Ascent - July 9
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 1109m   Loss: 1037m
Mount Chester and The Fortress Scramble Loop - July 8
Distance: 15km   Height Gain: 2126m   Loss: 1071m
Mount Baldy Ascent - July 6
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 940m   Loss: 762m
East End of Rundle Ascent - July 5
Distance: 2km   Height Gain: 897m
Wilcox Peak Ascent - July 3
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 867m   Loss: 28m
Ascent of The President - July 1
Distance: 12km   Height Gain: 1668m   Loss: 51m
Mount Galatea Ascent - June 24
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 3512m   Loss: 2235m
Pyramid Mountain Ascent - June 17
Distance: 15km   Height Gain: 1670m   Loss: 808m
Boundary Peak Ascent - June 10
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 820m   Loss: 715m
Mount Yamnuska Traverse - June 3
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 940m   Loss: 698m
Sulpher Skyline Hike - May 28
Distance: 4km   Height Gain: 745m   Loss: 73m

2005 Trip Reports
Tower of Babel Ascent - September 18
Distance: 1km   Height Gain: 472m   Loss: 61m
Big Sister Attempt - September 17
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 1237m
Castleguard Mountain Ascent - August 19
Distance: 16km   Height Gain: 1469m   Loss: 23m
Heart Mountain Ascent - August 14
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 771m   Loss: 101m
Cirque Peak Ascent - August 13
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 1095m   Loss: 62m
Mount Baldy Ascent - August 7
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 940m   Loss: 762m
Ascent of The Fist - August 6
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 745m   Loss: 134m
Northover Ridge to Turbine Canyon Backpack - July 29
Distance: 48km   Height Gain: 2689m   Loss: 2647m
Liked: 1 time   3 comments
Siffleur Falls Hike - July 24
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 75m   Loss: 13m
Nigel Peak Ascent - July 23
Distance: 3km   Height Gain: 1164m
Hiking the Iceline Trail - July 16
Distance: 9km   Height Gain: 749m   Loss: 212m
Hiking the Crypt Lake Trail - July 2
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 894m   Loss: 227m
Liked: 1 time  
Lineham Ridge Hike - July 1
Distance: 8km   Height Gain: 1114m   Loss: 179m
Liked: 1 time  
Hike to Iceberg Lake - June 19
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 523m   Loss: 176m
Mount Yamnuska in the Rain - June 18
Distance: 5km   Height Gain: 940m   Loss: 698m

2004 Trip Reports
Mount Chester Ascent - August 21
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1184m   Loss: 36m
Eiffel Peak Ascent - July 17
Distance: 6km   Height Gain: 1225m   Loss: 26m

Roadside views of South East GNP in Montana
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Took some photos driving back along the road beside the South East end of Glacier National Park in Montana.
Scramble up Mount Oberlin in GNP Montana
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Photos from the drive up to Logan Pass and then up Mount Oberlin. Didn't get all the way to the top but we got pretty close.
Bertha Lake
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Half day hike up to Bertha Lake.
St Mary Roadside Views
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Some views from the road by St Mary.
Vacay 2016 - Little Qualicum Falls
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hiked around Little Qualicum Falls on our drive back from Uke.
Vacay 2016 - Pacific Rim Highway
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Photos from our return drive along the Pacific Rim Highway.
Vacay 2016 - Wild Pacific Trail
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hiked the North end of the Wild Pacific Trail. We also hiked what they call the "Artist Loop" section of the Wild Pacific Trail. The "Artist Loop" is an optional meandering part of trail that artists presumably favor.
Vacay 2016 - Rainforest Loop Trail near Long Beach
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hiked the 2 loops of the Rainforest Loop Trail. Much better maintained trail than the Big Tree Trail on Meares Island. I got away with wearing sandals on this trail. Also got away with using an umbrella.
Vacay 2016 - Big Tree Trail on Meares Island
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hiked the Big Tree Trail on Meares Island. To do this hike you need to either hire a water taxi for a 15 minute ride or kayak to the island. This trail takes you on a muddy tour of huge trees on a small peninsula of Meares Island. It has 2 named trees: The Hanging Garden Tree and the Cedar Tree of Life (also known as the Poster Tree). The trail starts with a very old and sketchy board walk with missing boards. The boards that are still in place are pretty sketchy. Fortunately you're only on the boardwalk for a short amount of time before the "Managed Trail" ends. Then it is a muddy trail walk around, under and over the trees. I brought sandals thinking the hike was all well maintained boardwalk like all the other hikes we did between Ucluelet and Tofino. That was a bit of a mistake. I made it through though. This was our favourite hike from our vacation and we highly recommend it.
Vacay 2016 - Lighthouse Loop in Ucluelet
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Lighthouse Loop of the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet.
Vacay 2016 - Florencia Bay
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hiked back up from Half Moon Bay then back down again to Florencia Bay.
Vacay 2016 - Half Moon Bay
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hiked down a lot of stairs to a pretty little beach on Half Moon Bay.
Vacay 2016 - Schooner Cove Trail
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hiked a short boardwalk trail through rainforest to Schooner Cove.
Vacay 2016 - Cathedral Grove
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hiking the popular Cathedral Grove Trail on Vancouver Island. Some big trees.
Vacay 2016 - Iron Mine Bay Trail
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Short hike to Iron Mine Beach in East Sooke Regional Park on Vancouver Island.
Vacay 2016 - Alldridge Point on East Sooke Park
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hiking by the ocean at Alldridge Point in East Sooke Regional Park on Vancouver Island. East Sooke Regional Park is about a 1 hour drive West from Victoria.
Vacay 2016 - Montague Harbour Provincial Park
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hiking the trails at Montague Harbour Provincial Park on Galiano Island.
Vacay 2016 - Cain Beach
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Playing around on Cain Beach on Galiano Island.
Vacay 2016 - Hike up Mount Galiano
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hike up to the lookout near the top of Mount Galiano. Mount Galiano is the highest point on Galiano Island. The very top of Mount Galiano has no view so we didn't bother visiting it.
Vacay 2016 - Collinson Point Provincial Park
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Collinson Point Provincial Park on Galiano Island
Vacay 2016 - Bluff Park Lookout
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Bluff Park Lookout on Galiano Island.
Vacay 2016 - Lynn Creek Canyon
By: Mountain Nerd
Description A short hike to popular Lynn Creen Canyon on our 2016 vacation.
Vacay 2016 - Quarry Rock
By: Mountain Nerd
Description A little family hike to Quarry Rock in North Vancouver with a co-worker of mine guiding us.
Beaver Lake Easy Snowshoe Hike
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Ben and I did this trip for the sole purpose of getting a photo of Sirdar Mountain. We got it thankfully and some other photos as well.
Plain of Six Glaciers
By: Mountain Nerd
Description A nice hike up the Plain of Six Glaciers with Allison.
Kootenay Highway
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Photos from the Kootenay Highway near Radium.
Grassi Lakes
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Some photos from my hike up Grassi Lakes with Allison and Friends.
The North Face Winter 2014 Ascent of Twin Cairns
By: Mountain Nerd
Description This was the only day of our course where we reached a summit. Awesome course. Highly recommend for ACC trip leaders.
Door Jamb Mountain
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Photos from an ascent of Doorjamb Mountain. I didn't go to the summit since I lost my cellphone and had to look for it. Steven went to the summit and it was a whiteout so I didn't miss anything.
BC Road Trip 2013: John Hart Highway and Pine Pass
By: Mountain Nerd
Description On this day we drove from Prince George over Pine Pass to Chetwynd and then stayed in a campground at Moberly Lake. Nice road but not much in the way of worthwhile objectives for peak bagging. Only the peaks right by Pine Pass were not tree covered. They would be hiking ascents. Probably would make for a nice ridge walk.
Liked: 1 time  
BC Road Trip 2013 Day 1: Wells Gray
By: Mountain Nerd
Description First day of a week long loop road trip to Prince George via Jasper and back to Edmonton via Pine Pass and Grande Praire. This day was an off route excursion. We didn't have time to visit any of the mountains unfortunately. Definitely worth the extra driving to see Wells Gray.
Lake McArthur
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Day 2 of my Canada Day weekend at Lake O'Hara with my family. On this day we hiked up to Lake McArthur. We missed a turnoff for McArthur Lake and ended up back at Lake O'Hara. The turnoff wasn't obvious since the trail was under snow for this section. But we got to enjoy Mary Lake at least on our diversion. We took the trail up by the big larches to get to Schaffer Lake and came back down via the lower route. Both routes had lots of snow in places. There had been plenty of people on the trail already and the snow was pretty easy to walk on. We didn't ever break through the snow before Schaffer Lake. Schaffer Lake was pretty nice but not nearly as awesome as Lake McArthur. The trail was mostly under snow for the rest of the trek to Lake McArthur. We were able to use other people foot prints in the snow until we got to Lake McArthur where my mother wanted to take the lower route back since she didn't like the exposure of the higher trail. I was able to navigate us to the lower trail eventually where we regained a bunch of tracks. McArthur Lake was still frozen but looked awesome. Lots of ground squirrels were out around there. Coming back down was pretty straight forward. The next day we woke up to rain and decided to head out early since the weather was crummy. I hope to come back with my family to do the other hikes sometime. Very beautiful area.
Duchesnay Basin
By: Mountain Nerd
Description I got to spend the Canada Day weekend at Lake O'Hara with my family. We were lucky and called just after a cancellation. Because my collar bone was broken a month prior I couldn't carry any weight on this trip. It was very nice of my family to carry all my gear for me. I did try to carry a small amount of weight but by the time I got from the campground to the Elizabeth Parker Hut my shoulder was hurting a lot. In the previous week I was able to do everyday activities without my sling on. But with all the walking it was putting quite a strain on my shoulder and I had to put the sling on for most of the hiking.The bus right up and down were okay. My shoulder wasn't happy with all the bumps but it was a lot better than hiking up. The campground was very nice and peaceful. I can see the benefit of limiting access up there. Putting up the tent was very difficult for me. I am used to helping out and I didn't feel right not helping put up the tent so I tried my best to help put it up. It was painful at times when I tried to help with certain things. On the first day we hiked to Duchesnay Basin and got to see lots of cool lakes. It was nice to see the trail to Morning Glory Lakes in the summer after skiing it in winter a few years ago. The lakes were very pretty. Linda Lake was especially beautiful. By the time we got to Vera Lake Allison and Linda were tired and didn't want to continue. I wanted to see the Cathedral Lakes so I went on to check them out. The trail after Vera Lake was very snowy. I didn't really care for either of the 2 Cathedral Lakes. They were small and pond like. On the hike back we took the alternate route back that skipped the Morning Glory Lakes and heading straight back to camp.
Sunshine Meadows Ski Touring
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Sunshine Meadows are accessed by skiing up the Sunshine Ski Resort to the top of the Strawberry Chair Lift and continuing on into Sunshine Meadows. The resort does not sell one lift passes so skiing up with skins is the only low cost alternative. Some objectives once at the meadows are Rock Isle Lake and Quartz Hill
Lake Louise Ski Trails
By: Mountain Nerd
Description For this outing I skied the Lake Louise Shoreline Trail and the Fairview Loop. The Fairview loop contains sections of the Lake Louise Tramline Trail and the Moraine Lake Road.
Avalanche Testing on Ball Hills
By: Mountain Nerd
Description This is the first weekend of an extensive course offered by the Edmonton Section of the Alpine Club. The course is designed to introduce people to the skills they will require for traveling in the mountains in the winter on skis. Classroom sessions cover hypothermia, clothing, gear, shelter, and avalanche assessment. This weekend follows immediately after the classroom sessions conclude. The skills covered on this weekend included avalanche rescue using avalanche beacons, assessing avalanche risk, testing the snow pack to help assess avalanche risk and building snow caves.The previous day we headed out to Hilda Creek near Mount Athabasca to do Avalanche rescue practice and practice building snow caves. On this day we headed out to Bald Hills by Maligne Lake to practice assessing the stability of snow packs. The weather was fabulous both days and I learned a lot as well as getting some great pictures too
Hilda Creek Winter Skills Practice
By: Mountain Nerd
Description This is the first weekend of an extensive course offered by the Edmonton Section of the Alpine Club. The course is designed to introduce people to the skills they will require for traveling in the mountains in the winter on skis. Classroom sessions cover hypothermia, clothing, gear, shelter, and avalanche assessment. This weekend follows immediately after the classroom sessions conclude. The skills covered on this weekend included avalanche rescue using avalanche beacons, assessing avalanche risk, testing the snow pack to help assess avalanche risk and building snow caves.On this day we headed out to Hilda Creek near Mount Athabasca to do Avalanche rescue practice and practice building snow caves. On Sunday we headed out to Bald Hills by Maligne Lake to practice assessing the stability of snow packs. The weather was fabulous both days and I learned a lot as well as getting some great pictures too
Lake O'Hara X-Country Skiing
By: Mountain Nerd
Description The ski trails around Lake O'Hara are well documented in "Ski Trails in the Canadian Rockies" by Chic Scott. On this trip we skied into the Elizabeth Parker Hut the first day and had enough time to ski the Morning Glory Lakes Loop. On Sunday we skied up to McArthur Pass and back before heading back to the cars
Skiing Simmons Trail in Elk Island National Park
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Elk Island is a great place to go skiing for the day. Especially convenient if you live near Edmonton. On this outing we skied the short but beautiful Simmons Trail. Which begins at the Shirley Lake Trailhead. A good chance to get my brother off his duff and outdoors. Most of the photos are self explanatory so I will refrain from commenting on all of them.
Cascade Fire Road
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Cascade Fire Road is a fun easy ski trail near Lake Minnewanka. Not much for views but then the forest itself is pretty enough to look at in the winter with all the snow and everything. We decided this would be a fun ski destination for Christmas Eve
Vision Quest Ridge Hikers Summit
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Named after an old native vision quest site: Vision Quest Ridge has a spectacular view and is mostly hiking without hands on. It is located 42km West of Nordegg by the David Thompson Highway. It is described in "The David Thompson Highway: A Hiking Guide" by Jane Ross and Daniel Kyba.We decided to scramble up this ridge because of its proximity to our lodging in Nordegg for the weekend and its short round trip time of about 5 hours. I was actually very thrilled by the idea of scrambling up a ridge that has a great view of Lake Abraham. It is one of my favorite scrambles of the year. I will of course have to return to complete it as we never reached the summit.
Parker Ridge Crevasse Rescue Practice
By: Mountain Nerd
Description This is the Second Annual Crevasse Rescue Practice held by the Grant Macewan Mountain Club in Edmonton. Parker ridge is located near the Columbia Icefields just off the highway by Mount Athabasca. For crevasse rescue practice we simulate a real crevasse fall with a fall off a safe cornice. The kind that naturally form on Parker Ridge
Mount Shark X-Country Ski Trails
By: Mountain Nerd
Description There are many cross country ski runs near Mount Shark. Very nice skiing and good views
By: Mountain Nerd
Description The Junkyard is located in Canmore by the Hydro Electric Plant. The approach trail is by the Grassi Lakes parking lot
Heart Creek Canyon Ice Climbing
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Heart Creek Canyon is a very cold place to go Ice Climbing. The wind coming down the valley is bitter cold. On the plus side crowds are not an issue
Canmore Area Photos
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Various photos taken from the Canmore area in winte
Chester Lake
By: Mountain Nerd
Description I'm back at Chester Lake again for like the 4th time this year. Nice place to go and yes I will be back again next year in all likelyhood. Chester Lake is located along the Smith Dorian Highway South of Canmore
Alley Porcupine
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Found this critter wandering the alley behind my house. Pretty cute
Home Sweet Home
By: Mountain Nerd
Description My home is Edmonton. This is fall in Edmonton in all its beauty
Scrambling near Mount Athabasca
By: Mountain Nerd
Description After scrambling up Sunwapta peak we were looking for an easy second day so we joined up with Ion for some easy scrambling by Athabasca
Peyto Lake Hike
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Peyto Lake is located North of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. It is easily viewable from above at a veiwpoint. We hiked down to it to get a closer view. I decided to hike further up to get a view of the Peyto Glacier
Heart Mountain Ascent
By: Mountain Nerd
Whaleback Ridge Backpack
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Whaleback Ridge is in the foothills just West of Nanton which is South of Calgary
Morro Slabs
By: Mountain Nerd
Description The day after we did the crevasse rescue practice we did some easy rock climbing on the Morro Slabs. The Morro Slabs are just off the right side of the highway East of Jasper
Parker Ridge Crevasse Rescue Practice
By: Mountain Nerd
Description On this trip the Grant Macewan Mountain Club was practicing crevasse rescue on Parker Ridge. Parker Ridge is just South by the highway from the Columbia Icefields.
Signal Mountain Ski Touring
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Signal Mountain is located on the south side of the high way heading into Jasper. This trip is just a ski in and look around relaxed kinda trip. Great way to start off my year
Rats Nest Cave
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Rats Nest Cave is located on Grotto Mountain near Canmore. The gate is locked and only certified guides from Wild Cave Tours have access. You will have to contact them to arrange for a tour like we did. This is my second time to this cave and probably the last time I bring my camera. Caves are not very hospitable places for cameras.Caving is quite a lot of fun. I would however rather do something outside on nice days. But in the shoulder season your options are limited anyway so you might as well go caving
Snow and Ice Long Weekend
By: Mountain Nerd
Description This is a course offered by Yamnuska Mountain Adventures. It teaches you basic mountaineering skills necessary for beginner Mountaineering trips. I took this course so that I could participate in the Castleguard Mountain trip later the same year. The weather was terrible for most of the weekend and I didn't get to summit anything
Red Rock Canyon
By: Mountain Nerd
Vacay 2016 - Schooner Cove
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Hiked to Schooner Cove from Long Beach.
Vacay 2016 - Larry Lake and Kennedy Lake
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Stopped at Larry Lake and Kennedy Lake on the Pacific Rim Highway on the way to Ucluelet.
Whirlpool Point
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Whirlpool Point is a viewpoint you can find off the David Thompson Highway. A hidden road leads off the highway down closer to the viewpoint or you can just walk down from a pulloff on the highway. 4 wheel drive vehicle recommended due to the steepness of the hidden road. Their is a cable car over the North Saskatchewan River near the point. It had a couple padlocks when I took a look at it. You probably need to contact the Nordegg Ranger Station to get a key to use it. It would make ascents of Siffleur, Peskett and Loudon much shorter.
Return drive over Rogers Pass
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Photos from the drive back over Rogers Pass after our Keystone Peak Ascent.
BC Road Trip 2013: Tumbler Ridge Area
By: Mountain Nerd
Description Spent 2 days exploring the Tumbler Ridge Area. Lots of waterfall hikes to choose from. We also drove North for a couple hours to check out the Peace River Dam. Really big dam that creates a huge lake.
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